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From an Interaction Design student and passionated photographer based in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Always in the mood to discover and create new things... and to drink coffee.

redesign of an application

the new outdooractive

A new user experience created on the basis of an iterative product development.
User needs define the range of functions, user tests validate the concept and design filters determine the visual conception.

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what meaningful services or products can be created with cutting edge technologies?

imply -
your cooking experience

A smart cooking guidance system, which integrates the cooking experience as a component of everyday life for an independent, fresh, healthy and varied lifestyle.

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design and development of an interactive application in the context of an exhibiton

organ donation

Every 8 hours, one human in Germany dies because no suitable organ can be found.
The number of post-mortem organ donations is decreasing yearly. Theres no reason not to make a decision.

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designer. gymnast. outdoorfreak. cooking lover. metalhead.

something about me

hey, my name is lea. 22 years old and living in the swabian part of germany. currently searching for an internship as part of my design studies.

I am passionate about creating outstanding and intuitive experiences for the users with an eye for detail. Maybe sometimes I catch myself losing me in my perfectionism, but I love the challenge of finding the best solution to solve the different problems.

Before I could even walk properly, I started doing gymnastics at the age of two and since then it has become my biggest passion. In 2011 I was allowed to start in the national league for the first time.
Besides spending time in the gym or on the computer, i love to go outside and discover new places, especially with my tent, hiking shoes and camera.
Everyone has their vices that they spend the most money on and mine are definitely concerts and festivals. There is nothing better than some good live rockmusic with your friends.

skills & tools

my top favorite design tools to develop and create skills in different design fields.



Figma has been my most used tool in the past 2 years. In that time I was able to master a number of tasks and challenges relating to prototyping.

Visual Design

Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, ...

I've been working a lot with the Adobe Creative Cloud since the beginning of my studies. I love to use Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign for some Visual Designs.

Motion Design & Video Work

After Effects & Premiere Pro

I was able to acquire a good knowledge base in the different Adobe tools. After Effects and Premiere Pro are among my favourite tools due to the reason I have so much fun creating animations and designing motions.



Taking pictures helps me to turn my head off and focus on the small things. The process from taking the picture to editing and the finished result is always something special. My go to tool for making the best out of every shot is Lightroom.


Each shot is made with love. Do check out my work on
Instagram if you're interested in some more photographies.

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